Rodrigo Moreira

NSA (No Strings Attached)

  • 2016 - ongoing
  • Neon, 13 x 31 in / Offset print on paper, 24×18 in / Offset print on paper, 41 x 29 in (each)

The NSA (No Strings Attached) series deals with the immigrant experience in the U.S. and the relationship they establish with a different culture. For this project, I have contacted queer immigrants through social media and requested an interview about their views on the U.S., technology, surveillance and intimacy in the digital age. The works took different forms in order to highlight the intertwined relation between identity, control, desire, fantasy and politics.

Required to submit a vast quantity of personal data during the immigration process, I began to invent a fictional one-sided relationship with the anonymous immigration officer on the other side and reimagined the NSA (National Security Agency) acronym to mean “No Strings Attached.” My interest in wordplay is also manifest in the neon piece, which flickers between the words “date” and “data” in a wry meditation on intimacy in the age of surveillance. The neon is paired with a darkly tongue-in-cheek immigration form, which requests personal and private information. In another piece, redacted transcriptions of interviews conducted by me are posted on public spaces simulating an official government report. By arbitrarily obscuring these texts, I undermine the supposedly neutral systems by which people are assessed, classified, and controlled.