Rodrigo Moreira

2014 – Performance Proposal

  • 2014
  • booklet, digital print on paper
  • 21x15 cm, 36 pages

The year of 2014 marks a key period for Brazil. Major events like the World Cup, presidential elections and public demonstrations took place during this period getting global attention and interest, followed by the rise of Brazil in the international art market.

For this project, I see the year of 2014 as a big stage / scenario where key characters perform such as politicians, protesters, police officers, journalists, soccer players, artists, critics and curators.

The work consists in a script created as a performative proposal that combines (Brazilian style) art and life in a mix of carnival parade, theater play, march and public demonstration. The performance here refers to the way these events are broadcast by the mainstream media as entertainment. Public demonstration is renegaded to a mere spectacle and opened to manipulation and misuse of information.