Rodrigo Moreira

Form (NSA)

  • 2017-2018
  • Offset print on paper / website
  • 24 x 18 in

“Form” is a darkly tongue-in-cheek immigration survey, containing security related and personal questions that become more and more invasive, subjective and awkward. The entries combine several questions asked on different levels of visa process, mocking an official immigration questionnaire issued by the American government in order to allow permanent residency in the country.

Required to submit a vast quantity of personal data during the immigration process, I began to invent a fictional one-sided relationship with the anonymous immigration officer on the other side and reimagined the NSA (National Security Agency) acronym to mean “No Strings Attached. “Form” comments on the large amount of information requested by the government, transparency and surveillance. It also features questions taken from online dating apps that users must answer when creating a social media profile.

Viewers can either fill in the print form or answer it online. The digital version is a website in which users respond to the questions and, after some time, get a decision on their visa status issued by the Department of NSA (No Strings Attached).